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"We don't ask for greatness. We demand it."

Justin Bryant

Micah Baisden, Owner and Lead Trainer of PowerHouse Sports Academy is An Albany, Georgia Native that has been in Atlanta, Georgia since 2014. He has been training since 2010 gaining a B.S. in education in 2013, then later he gained his personal fitness certification through American Muscle Fitness located in Rochester, NY in 2014. In 2017, to enhance in knowledge in training, fitness, and nutrition he furthered his education by gaining his Masters in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at El Paso. His training strengths are muscular strength training, core training, CrossFit training, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Speed and Agility. Currently his burning desire to continue learning has him in the process of gaining more knowledge by gaining more certifications such as CSCS and boxing certification.

Location: 2101 Northlake Parkway Tucker, GA 30084

Email: thepowerhouse2016@gmail.com

Cell: (229) 789-2369

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As a child, Justin was always trying to explore or encourage people to work out or run. While attending Fort Valley State University, Justin played football and ran track. Upon graduation he returned to his alumnus to coach Women's Volleyball. He has been a trainer for the last ten years, with a specialization of more seasoned clients of ages 40+ and older. He specializes in strength and conditioning, senior citizen fitness, sports performance, and endurance training.

Location:  2771 Columbia Dr. Decatur, GA 30034

Email: thepowerhouse2016@gmail.com

Cell: (478) 954-2131

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Justin Windom is from Albany, GA and is a personal trainer located in Atlanta, GA and has been so for the past two years. Justin currently holds an exercise science degree from Georgia State University with a specialty in Kinesiology. Justin was a collegiate athlete playing Division One football for a year and has participated in wrestling, soccer, baseball, etc. He believes that hard work beats talent any day and will always prevail no matter the situation. He believes he is the best and trains like it his motto no excuses just results. Justin is located at the midtown location. He specializes in Calisthenics, Cross Fit, and HIIT Training.

Location: 450 Stone Wall St SW Atlanta, GA 30313

Email: thepowerhouse2016@gmail.com

Cell: (229) 347-0865

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Micah Baisden

Justin Windom